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    Language Specialist; Writer: CVs, Cover Letters, LinkedIn profiles, Copy-editing, Translation, and Web Content

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    I believe that the only approach to effective communication is through correct use of language.


    The Language Tree has sprouted from the humble seed called The CV Branch. The branch has now grown into a tree, to a size I never imagined. It is such a pleasure to work with language every day, on its own a world as big as the universe. I have studied several, including English and Latin, the latter a language offering an exceptional foundation for further language studies. Therefore, the quality of the English usage on your documents will reflect this acquired expertize. I take the necessary time and attention with each CV, Cover Letter, Resume, Copy-edit, Proofread, Translation, and Web Content in order to assure the accuracy of language and the uniqueness of my clients. I continuously invest time so as to be certain that my templates and skills remain in touch with what is acceptable in the industry both locally and internationally.


    I come from a background of learning languages but have also worked in the field of sales. I worked with South African banks, providing advice on the design rules of MasterCard and Visa new cards.


    Friends and family have often described me as being a perfectionist. Although I don’t always agree with that, I must admit to having a gift for paying minute attention to detail. This character trait is important in working with languages. And because of my enjoyment of my subject, the results are just that much better.


    In short, I am a language lover, a dog enthusiast, an eager traveller, and a history devotee.

    I look forward to working with you, creating outstanding documents, revealing you at your very best.


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    The CV Branch

    CV writer 

    Mar 2014 – Present

    We offer a unique, professional CV in the appropriate chronological format, composed in precise and simple English. We describe and emphasize your qualities, qualifications, experience, and value, thereby enhancing your opportunity for employment.

    We take the time and attention with each CV in order to assure the accuracy of language and the uniqueness of you, our client.

    A professionally written CV presents you at your best, therefore it serves as an invaluable asset in applying for positions. We offer our services throughout South Africa whether you reside in Johannesburg, Cape Town, Durban, Pretoria, Bloemfontein, Port Elizabeth, or in the smaller centra. We have also prepared CVs for clients in foreign countries. Your CV will be an example of professionalism.

    Our clients reap the rewards of the passion we have for languages.

    Cover Letters
    When you are applying for a specific position, a Cover Letter will improve your visibility as a potential employee. The letter highlights both your particular skills and the demands of the position; a prefect compliment to your CV and an element of your personal marketing.
    A Cover Letter is more personal than your CV. It must convince an employer to take the next step; viewing your CV. We use power phrases and keep the letter short. A potential employer tends to read the letter but not necessary the entire CV. We present you in a manner that convinces an employer that you are worthy of his time.

    The difference between a CV and a Résumé should be highlighted. A CV is a full length document whilst a Résumé is an abridged, short version.

    LinkedIn Profile
    Once we have completed your CV, we can upload it to your LinkedIn profile. We will also fill in the little extras for you. LinkedIn is widely recognized as an important professional social media to have a presence on. The headline will be appropriate to your position; your personal brand created; and your achievements emphasized.

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    The Content Branch

    Web content editor and copywriter 

    Mar 2014 – Present

    Creating suitable, interesting, and informative Web content on a website forms an integral part of your marketing campaign. We understand that developing a loyal following is paramount to your business. The Content Branch will use keywords from internet searches to increase your SEO (Search Engine Optimization) ranking.

    The Content Branch is able to fulfil your SEO needs:
    • We write well – very important: You do not want content in which there is a legion of spelling and grammar errors.
    • Research: we do our research on your industry and gain insight.
    • We delve into your competitors’ activities.
    • We determine who your clients are, where they spend their time, and how you can add value to their requirements.

    Blogs and articles are of equal importance: let us assist you. We can also advise you on the best approach to implement social media to your advantage.

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    The Translation Branch


    Mar 2014 – Present

    When we translate a document for you, we keep in mind the constraints; the context and the rules of the grammar of both languages. English and Afrikaans each have their own idiomatic language and writing conventions. Literally anything can be translated; be it books, websites, advertisements, legal documents, theses, business proposals, to name but a few.

    We make sure that the message conveyed in the source text is the same as that of the target text, or translation. The intent of the two texts must be equivalent. The term ‘translation’ is derived from the Latin translatio, from transferre, meaning ‘to carry’, ‘across’ or ‘to bring’. Translation is not an exact science; it requires an analytical method in order to achieve a true translation.

    The Translation Branch has the necessary language skills, writing ability, cultural sensitivity and research techniques to transform your Afrikaans document into an English equivalent.

    Ek het groot geword met Engels en Afrikaans, dus beskou ek altwee as moedertale. Ek sal jou dokument met respek behandel en seker maak dat die vertaling na aan perfek is. Die materiaal wat jy in Afrikaans geskryf het sal vertaal word na Engels toe sodat die boodskap dieselfde bly en die taal grammatikaal korrek is.

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    The Editing Branch


    Mar 2014 – Present

    A copy-editor corrects grammatical-, punctuation-, and spelling errors on a document. A ‘document’ may literally mean any written genre; books, theses, letters, web content copy, CVs, to name but a few. The copy-editor verifies facts; names, places, organizations, dates, and statistics. As such, we undertake research.

    We may write headings and subheadings depending on the document and we ensure consistency throughout.

    What I will do for your document:
    Assure consistency in:
    • capitalization
    • terminology 

    • hyphenation
    • abbreviations
    • italics
    • spelling 

    • numbers
    • font size and type

    Eliminate unnecessary:
    • duplication
    • jargon 

    • repetition

    I will work closely with you, the writer, so that we may understand each other, and to determine exactly what your requirements are. The Editing Branch will point out critical problems together with preparing an editing commentary.

    ‘A good editor understands what you’re talking and writing about and doesn’t meddle too much.’ – Irwin Shaw

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